About Us

About Jumeirah Egypt

Fulfilling the vision of JUMEIRAH EGYPT, to create fully-fledged gated communities; we strive to maintain the concept of sustainability, via running our business in Egypt through a group of subsidiaries; providing a vast range of inclusive services with the purpose of surpassing wholeness in everything we do.

Since 2016, Jumeirah Egypt has delivered an exceptional concept to the real estate industry via exploring new urban areas that promise new opportunities to the Egyptian economy. Our wealth of technical & industrial expertise permits us to deliver new trends to fully-fledged gated communities; thus attaining more pleasing outcomes for the rising demand especially for mixed-use projects.

Committed to delivering unique designs with innovative solutions to our clientele, JUMEIRAH EGYPT’s unparalleled edge lies in its inclusive solutions approach stretching across its construction capabilities, incipient location selection, Landmark architecture & design & unrivalled landscaping & amenities aimed at promoting an outstanding livable experience for its clientele.

Inspired by our corporate vision we deliver treasured moments to every inhabitant, JUMEIRAH EGYPT capitalize on its shareholders’ expertise to react to our clientele’s insights, by levering our partnerships with well-known global expertise & innovators in every sector, Nowadays Jumeirah Egypt is proudly Launching its new flagship NAIA BAY – RAS EL HEKMA an Iconic Project designed by ElGhoneimi Architects; where modern and sustainable designs secure private & calming mood; where also absolute waterfront is thereby Crystal Lagoons®.

Our Values


Our Commitment is inspired by our long-lasting relationship with our partners in success, so it’s the act of honesty & integrity that validate these relationships & strengthen them over time, our code of ethics is authorizing a regular focus on how is business is conducted in a correct manner.


We believe that effective communion & open discussions would create outstanding results, so we always highlight the potentiality of individualism in our organization. We build this strategic alliance with our partners in success to foster more open communications & distinguished outcomes.


At Jumeirah Egypt, we preserve our standards of professionalism & reliability to the peak, our well-studied decisions & precautious actions do aid in delivering satisfactory outcomes to our business partners.


Our Success secret lies in our persistency & consistency in what we do, as we ratify that honouring diversity & our code of ethics would originate a sense of comfort for all our partners in success & would construct awesome consequences.

Remarkable Quality 

Quality is our gear to perfection, we thrive to deliver prime products that transcend our Clientele’s expectations & we constantly deliver unique solutions to conserve our quality standards.

Our Mission

At Jumeirah Egypt, we comprehend that interpreting our vision to reality is via delivering constant standards throughout the whole journey with our partners in success, so our purpose is to expand our standards in what we do from innovative products, major consultants’ names, delivery on time, outstanding after-sales service all that to provide our clientele with an exquisite experience that would last forever.

Transcending our Clientele’s expectations to set the trend for fully-fledged gated communities in Egypt & across the Region, via delivering prominent projects within time & maintaining sustainable products that enrich our clientele’s work-life balance.

Our Vision

Setting trends for fully-fledged gated communities in Egypt & across the Region, through the prospective value of sustainability to fructify major return on investment for our shareholders & to enrich our employees’ experience & please our clientele’s communities

Samy Abd Elreheem
Chairman Message

Looking at the ample attractions of Egypt & GCC Region, JUMEIRAH EGYPT is observing all natural richness of these countries that secure potential opportunities for investment. Nowadays these zones are witnessing a noteworthy expansion & booming especially in Real Estate Sector.

JUMEIRAH EGYPT is seizing the opportunity to be a key player in such industrial growth & aiming to assist in the flourishment of the Egyptian economy through development of its’ own projects in Egypt; we do intend to set benchmark for fully-fledged gated communities & to be a driving factor in setting trends in Real Estate Market in Egypt through our expertise & global partnerships.

Our commitment to deliver unique solutions related to our products & projects, would surely deliver treasurable moments for our clientele as they are our main focus, our running catalyst is derived from our passion to innovate new approaches for the market to promote outstanding outcomes for our shareholders & clienteles.

Our concept is to engrave pleasurable moments through superb destinations so our clienteles would always be having this enjoyable work-life balance, we thrive to attain this through plentiful of integrity in our work.

Management Team
Mr. Mansour A. Al Othaimin
Mr. Mansour A. Al Othaimin
Mr. Tarek Mansour
Mr. Tarek Mansour
Eng. Hisham Danasoury
Eng. Hisham Danasoury
Eng. Ahmed Thabet
Eng. Ahmed Thabet